Journal History

The Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL) is a non-profit legal entity foundation of the Foundation that has been focusing on the development and reform of environmental law in Indonesia for 20 years. Various ideas, breakthroughs, policy proposals to increase capacity were born, carried out and reviewed together with this organization. As an organization that focuses on research-based advocacy, ICEL initiated the Indonesian Journal of Environmental Law/ Jurnal Hukum Lingkungan Indonesia (JHLI) in 1994, which was active (without accreditation) until 1999. This journal is aimed at accommodating academic discourse that develops in environmental law and directs it in the context of legal and policy advocacy environment in Indonesia. The debate about the environment is written in written and undergone a peer review process and is more valuable both academically and in practice. This journal had a vacuum from 2000 to 2013. In 2014, given the importance of this discourse forum for the development of environmental law throughout Indonesia, ICEL re-published the Indonesian Journal of Environmental Law to facilitate environmental activists throughout Indonesia to contribute to the making, enforcement, to academic discussions on environmental law and policy in Indonesia.